Inclusive Education

Principal to our mission, vision, and values is equitable education for groups historically excluded from schooling, including students with disabilities and those from minority ethnic and language groups. Grounded in our expertise in action research, teacher development, and system-wide studies on inclusive education policies and practices, we identify ways to ensure that all children have access to a high-quality education and to the learning supports they need.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Develops strategies for inclusive education
  • Builds the capacity of teachers and school leaders to foster inclusive learning spaces
  • Supports innovations to engage students with visual, hearing, cognitive, and learning disabilities to reach their full potential


Transforming the Education System of Trinidad & Tobago
Inclusive education component of the Seamless Education Project (Miske Witt & Associates Inc., 2008; Shoreview, MN USA: MWAI)

Model of Costing of Inclusive Education in Serbia
A case study of 10 municipalities for UNICEF. Publication not public.
 (Miske Witt & Associates Inc., 2011; Shoreview, MN USA: MWAI)

Inclusive Education Monograph
A summary of the child-friendly schools dimensions of education quality. (C. Johnstone for Miske Witt & Associates, 2011; Shoreview, MN: MWAI)