Improving educational quality and gender equity internationally

Miske Witt & Associates International (MWAI) is a small, woman-owned business that offers diverse research, evaluation, and capacity building services in the area of education; gender, equity, and inclusion; health; and agriculture.

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MWAI Services

Program Evaluation

For over 20 years, MWAI has successfully designed and implemented evaluations of all sizes tailored to the needs of our clients. We specialize in conducting evaluations in difficult contexts and we work with populations that require carefully designed approaches, including low-literate and non-English-speaking communities and children.

MWAI associates are skilled in conducting needs assessments, as well as process, outcome, and impact evaluations. We formulate theories of change and evaluation questions in collaboration with partners and program teams, and employ current best practice approaches that are principles-focused, utilization-focused, and developmental.

MWAI is committed to ensuring that findings are used to promote learning and change. We are also dedicated to mentoring monitoring and evaluation teams an to building their capacity in the areas of protocol development, data collection, data management, analysis, and conducting data quality assessments.

Strategic Design & Monitoring

MWAI uses an integrative approach to program design, monitoring, and management. We link thoughtful designs that use conceptual and logical models to robust monitoring systems and strong management plans.

As in all of MWAI’s efforts, we work with clients to assure that our approaches and methodologies are responsive to the diverse cultures, contexts, and changing environments in which programs operate. Drawing on the experience of our associates and partners, we ensure that key stakeholders are engaged in all steps and that together we are building on existing strengths.


MWAI collaborates with partners to engage in relevant, cutting-edge research. With proven expertise in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches, we ensure our research answers key questions identified by stakeholders and project teams.

MWAI has extensive experience in designing and implementing collaborative research projects that involve teachers, students, community members, and educational authorities in the collection and analysis of data.

Tools Development

With a focus on gender and equity, MWAI works with clients to design effective quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods tools and protocols that address the research and evaluation questions.

Priding ourselves on being participatory and innovative, MWAI ensures all tools are evidence-based, inclusive, and follow a rigorous development process that engages experts who understand the contexts and languages where the tools will be used.

All instruments are tested through pilot and feedback processes to ensure they reflect the intention and integrity of the evaluation and research design. We also ensure that quantitative tools undergo the appropriate statistical testing and that measures are valid, reliable, precise, and produce timely data.

Analysis & Reporting

MWAI transforms data into information clients can understand and use to guide their decisions and action.

Based on the research and evaluation designs and hypotheses, we make sure clients have clear procedures and protocols in place for managing data. We support teams to collect, enter, and analyze data from the initial conception phase all the way to writing the final report.

Capacity Building

Capacity building is fundamental to everything MWAI does, from designing and implementing research and evaluations to presenting the final findings and reports.

Highly skilled in professional development and theories of adult education, MWAI supports the learning cultures of its clients. Through in-person or virtual training and mentoring, MWAI’s international associates have experience leading groups of all sizes and backgrounds. We ensure that our core values of quality, equity, collaboration, empowerment, integrity and transparency permeate all our trainings and capacity building partnerships.

One of MWAI’s goal is to build the capacity of emerging international researchers and evaluators to join the our expanding network of associates.

Curriculum Development

MWAI acknowledges that students learn more when they are engaged with and motivated by the school curriculum. Achieving this requires close alignment of national learning outcomes with the design of classroom instruction.

MWAI has deep expertise in conducting national and school-level work on curriculum, instruction, and assessment in all grades and subject areas. Our approach highlights building the capacity of all components of the education system to continuously improve the quality and equity of curriculum and instruction.